There’s nothing like profound, intimate, romantic connection to another person.  A union so powerful it defies all logic and figuratively shatters many conventions of physics (i.e. what goes up doesn’t necessarily have to come down; you can get more energy out of a closed system than you put into it; it is possible for something to overcome an immovable object or resist an irresistible force, etc.).

I’m talking about outsized, once-in-a-lifetime, written-in-the-stars Love with a capital “L.” Soulmates-forever love here. True Love. This type of relationship is a mainstay in literature and in movies because the desire to inhabit such a rarefied state is a universal human truth. For those who’ve been lucky enough to experience it, this unparalleled state of existence has no equal, infusing contentedness and bliss into the deepest reaches of the soul and the heart. And it’s a state that not only elevates the True Lovers and their relationship, it can’t help but spill over into their individual lives, positively influencing all they touch.

This blog explores the pursuit and enjoyment of True Love. The unguarded, full, authentic, often extremely playful and humorous giving of Everything to someone without expectation of return, and how that allows you to experience Everything.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have found True Love, my Everything, relatively recently.  I’m a pretty regular guy. Regular name, even:  Dave Sparling. I’m a middle-aged father, business executive, entrepreneur, and dyed-in-the-wool car guy who’s managed to learn valuable lessons from and find the humor in my romantic ups and downs. I’ve been married and divorced, engaged and almost remarried, and also single for many years. I’d started to wonder if perhaps my best days, relationship wise, were in the rearview mirror.Pic2015

But I shrugged off the negativity and decided that somewhere out there was a woman who excites me and stirs my soul like no one ever has and no one else ever would. And when she and I found each other, my relationship- and general life experience played a vital role in the transformation of our supernova-like initial spark into the all-enveloping and enduring inferno of True Love.

Our relationship has and continues to be so amazing, fun, and powerful that it’s inspired me to write about it—a literal labor of love and passion project all in one! In all sincerity I believe that if the thoughts I have to offer on romance, love, and relationships can help even one couple realize what I’ve been fortunate enough to experience, the effort will have been wholly worthwhile.

While I’d like everyone to find the blog a useful resource, I’m really hoping it helps counter what I see as an unfortunate reality in our society, namely that we guys have historically felt (and have been made to feel) self-conscious about our yearning for love and reveling in it when we’re fortunate enough to find it. That somehow those emotions, those desires, conflict with our manliness, our masculinity. I say bullshit to that. Bull. Shit. It’s all about what you do with and how you express those emotions. Negatives like need and insecurity are not inextricably connected to deep feelings and their expression. Anyone who says otherwise is an idiot.

We’ve all heard and probably many of us subscribe to the notion that the journey is the destination. That it’s not about some endpoint that you get to. That notion applies here as well, because when you experience the singularly amazing connection of True Love, one of the many things you’ll observe is that there is no fixed pinnacle that you reach, no static “place” where things level off. Instead, the bliss, wonder, and connectedness simply continue to grow and deepen. Each and every day. You marvel at the inadequacy of words to express your feelings, you wonder how it’s possible for something that you can’t imagine being any better to continue to get better and better and better.

It’s this ongoing, heartlifting journey that defines Destination Everything. If you’re willing to examine who you are, where you’re headed, and nail down exactly what (and who) it is that you want in your life, you’re already taking the first steps toward your Everything.

Thanks for visiting.


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